Despite the enactment of the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976, the menace of bonded labour still highly exists in India. The socio economic status of the majority population in Salem district is highly vulnerable for the bonded labour system. The poverty and deep rooted discrimination keep them away from the development aspects. In rural villages of Salem district, the women and their families are depending on their daily income for basic survival needs. The adverse impacts of pandemic COVID-19, again trapped in the hands of high interest money lenders. Many women migrated as bonded laborer to work in the stone crusher units, Brick kilns, agricultural farms and other industries. The adolescent girls are dropped out from schools and forced to work as camp laborer in the spinning and garment sectors.

At work places, they were treated as slaves, restricted movements, the wages also are exploited. RWDT works continuously to rescue the affected people and urge the government to take necessary actions towards the vulnerable women and families

State and central government observe 9th February as bonded labour abolition day. On behalf this day, RWDT conducted awareness campaign in the villages  those who are vulnerable for this bonded labour system. The campaign reached about 2000 families 20 villages of Tharamangalam and Edappadi blocks.

In this campaign RWDT Director Mrs. V.Alamelu participated and addressed the issues of bonded labor system. Also she explained about the relief schemes available for the victims of bonded labour system. Also the women were supported to avail the labour card from the government. It is necessary for get any social security schemes from the government.

The campaign was conducted from 9th February to February 12, 2022.


The director of Rural Women Development Trust, Ms.Alamelu Bannan, is a Dalit Arunthathiyar. Dalit Arunthathiyar is one of the most vulnerable communities in Tamilnadu. Most of them are illiterate and landless. They are working as bonded labourer for their livelihoods and basic needs. Alamelu is one of the girl completed her graduation from this Arunthathiyar community. She is well known for their right based works in the Salem district. She rescued many bonded labourers from brick kiln, stone quarries and Agricultural farms and rehabilitated with livelihood income generation activities. She has interests in women development, women rights and political empowerment Dalit Arunthathiyar women. She work against Child labour and bonded labourer and prevented many female child marriages and female infanticides. Ms. Alamelu Bannan has done her UG in Commerce and Diploma in Cooperative Training. Since she hails from Arunthathiyar community, she knew the problems of her own community & established RWDT & works though this organization among Dalits, Arunthathiyar communities in Salem district.