TRWDT- Rural Women Development Trust is the registered organization at Salem. It was started on 2000 by dedicated persons among the Dalit Arunthathiyar community. It was registered under trust act on 2005. We are working for dalit Arunthathiyar community which is most eliminated, ill treated and crushed by the upper caste peoples. They are treated as untouchables not only by the upper caste people. They are mainly going to Manual Scavenging, Rope making, farm works, brick works and stone quarries, Sumangali Thittam as a bonded laborers or low wages. They are mostly violated by upper caste peoples and also owners.

Children Knowledge Centers

We are conducting regular special coaching centers in Dalit Arunthathiyar villages. Here the children from the age 5-17 years are taught by educated volunteers from the same villages are neighbor hood villages.

Self Help Groups

We formed self help groups among the female bonded labour and Scavengers we supported them with revolving fund and Economical assistant loan for alternative works like petty shop, sari business, milking animal, food mat, old metal shop.

Tailoring Centers

We are rescued bonded labour children and women for the alternative works we are giving six month tailoring courses for women in 4 blocks 10 tailoring machines in each centre. We mobilize the people in surrounding boned labour children.....

Women Federation

We have formed a women federation including all women groups’ representatives. With help of this federation we organize the women in all six blocks of our working area. We are conducting eradication bonded labour and manual scavenging work.......